What is Privacy Shield?

AdvertServe is a digital advertising platform used by thousands of advertisers and publishers since 1998. As part of our commitment to privacy we have created the AdvertServe Privacy Shield program to give you total control over your privacy as well as the ability to customize your digital advertising experience. Our ultimate goal is to be transparent with you and by doing so we hope to earn your trust so you can be confident that your privacy is protected while enjoying great content supported by relevant advertising.

The data that you choose to provide to us is securely stored in a very small cookie (~250 bytes) on your computer or mobile device.

We protect your privacy by fully anonymizing all data that we collect and never transmit it to any third-parties.

You can always see your data, edit it or delete it at any time simply by using this site or your browser cookie settings.

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Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

Internet Protocol Address

AdvertServe uses IP geo-location technology to translate your IP address into an approximate geographic location that may include your continent, country, state/province, city, zip/postal code, designated marketing area, time zone, ISP and current weather data. This technology is anonymous and primarily based upon publicly available IP registration data. As such it is not as accurate as GPS data and in many cases, may return an incorrect location that could be 25-50 miles away from your actual location. For the purposes of Internet advertising, however, this is considered acceptable as we only wish to provide you with relatively local advertising and to avoid showing you any products or offers that may not be allowed in your country as required by regulatory compliance laws.

Mobile Advertising ID

AdvertServe does not utilize mobile Advertising IDs (AAID/IDFA) at this time. Both Android and iOS provide options for limiting and opt-ing out of such tracking though. Android users can Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads and iOS users can enable Limit Ad Tracking if desired.

Referrer URL

AdvertServe is able to determine which web site you are viewing by inspecting the HTTP referrer header sent by your browser so that we may show advertisements that are relevant based on its subject matter. We also index the textual content of these web sites and perform keyword targeting to further improve the relevancy of advertisements. However, this is strictly NOT performed on pages which are dynamically generated (i.e. with a query string) or for any pages that exist behind a user-login form so that we avoid extracting any information that may personally identify you. Only content that would normally be accessible by a search engine is visible to our crawler.


AdvertServe uses the information in the Accept-Language and User-Agent HTTP headers sent by your browser to identify your device type (i.e. Desktop, Tablet or Mobile) as well as your operating system, web browser and language preferences. This enables us to show you advertisements that are suitable for your device and written in your language.

Data Collection Methods

Cookies & Beacons

We collect data by using ad serving tags and tracking pixels (beacons), which when executed by your browser provide us with your IP address and other common information available in HTTP headers (Accept-Language, Referer and User-Agent) and cookies.

The raw data that we collect is not permanently stored in most cases. Our statistics reporting system aggregates raw data in memory before writing it to disk in batches once per minute. This fully anonymizes the data and it can only be viewed in aggregate statistical form afterwards.

Some anonymized data may be stored on our servers that is mapped to a cookie on your computer, such as the ads you have viewed or responded to as well as retargeting data points. However, through this site you have the option to opt-in to collection of this type of data. You may also view, download or erase any collected data via this site if you choose to opt-in.


It is common practice for most web sites and applications to keep what are called "access logs" that record all requests made to a web server. This can be concerning as typically these logs will include personal information such as your IP address and cookies. AdvertServe protects against this by hashing or masking sensitive data fields so that their original values cannot be read. Furthermore, we also automatically purge log files after 10 days.

Third Parties

AdvertServe does not import/export any personal or anonymous data to or from any third-parties. That is to say that all of the data that we collect is completely under our exclusive management and control. Not even clients of AdvertServe are permitted access to collected data except in aggregate statistical form.

Additional Guidelines

Acceptable Use

Unacceptable Content
Renegade Internet technology may not be used to display, distribute, link to, or otherwise make available content which is obscene or violent, is unlawful, which encourages or incites any unlawful activity, which is defamatory to any group or individual or is otherwise, in the sole discretion of Renegade Internet considered unacceptable.

Intellectual Property Violations
Renegade Internet technology may not be used in connection with any activity that infringes or misappropriates the intellectual property rights of others, including copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets and patents.

Renegade Internet technology may not be used in connection with any unsolicited commercial email that does not fully comply with applicable law, including the CAN SPAM Act of 2003.

Adware / Spyware
Renegade Internet technology may not be used in connection with any downloadable application that is downloaded without notice and consent, exists solely to distribute advertisements, replaces ads on third-party web sites or which collects personal information from the user without notice and consent. Further, Renegade Internet technology may not be used to download any type of unauthorized or unlawful program to any computer. This includes, but is not limited to linking or redirecting a user to a web site intended to directly or indirectly download such software.

Unless Renegade Internet provides written permission, no user may grant access to the Renegade Internet products, technology, or data to any person or entity which is not expressly allowed such access pursuant to the terms of the user's agreement with Renegade Internet. Under no circumstances may any user license or sell any use of or access to the Renegade Internet technology.

Other Prohibited Activities
Renegade Internet technology may not be used to engage in or promote activities that are determined to be illegal, including advertising illegal sweepstakes or pyramid schemes, fraudulently charging credit cards, pirating software, creating or distributing viruses or worms, or any other activity that Renegade Internet reasonably determines to be harmful to its operation, reputation, client relationships, or those of any of its clients, partners, and affiliates.

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